Marktkirche (Market Church) in Wiesbaden Construction began in 1823

Hello from Germany, my second home.  After living in Wiesbaden for eight years it is strange to view Wiesbaden from a tourist’s perspective. As I was taking pictures for the blog I was reminded how breathtakingly beautiful Wiesbaden is, as well as the surrounding towns.

Wiesbaden in central Germany, is the capital of the state of Hessen. Surrounded by Frankfurt, Darmstadt, and Mainz it lies in the heart of Hessen. I have spent many weekends in jazz clubs in Mainz and Frankfurt. A favorite jazz place is the Jazz Keller in Frankfurt. Another favorite past time of mine was experiencing quality spa time at the Kaiser Friedrich Thermal Spa. The Germans know how to do spas.

The Architecture of Germany
The homes in Wiesbaden tend to have tall ceilings with original stucco design. These buildings are an example of the architectural beauty of Wiesbaden.

The Wilhelm Strasse Festival

WOOHOOO!!!!  I arrived in Wiesbaden on the first day of the Wilhlem Strasse Festival, what a great surprise. It could not have worked out better if I had planned it. It is my favorite Festival. Since living in Wiesbaden this festival knocked the New Orleans Jazz Festival and the North Sea Jazz Festival out of their space at the top of my list of favorite festivals. Could be because it is totally free, but also because the music is crazy good. I was also excited because I got to hang out with friends before they headed to the states for the summer, take really bad selfies and eat bratwurst!

 Good Friends. Good Food. Good Times.



Saturday Morning Market in Wiesbaden

Ramstein and surrounding areas

A few more of my favorite places and buildings in Wiesbaden

This blog post has allowed me to take a trip down memory lane. When I lived in Wiesbaden I spent just about every Saturday morning walking (or driving when I was being lazy) into downtown Wiesbaden and walking through the city streets, pedestrian zones and farmer’s market just breathing in the beauty of the city. I had the pleasure of enjoying this city for eight years.It was nice to be in the city without worrying about work the next day.

Famous Toastmasters Club! It’s always good to go back and visit. Thanks to the Famous Club for allowing me to speak and of course I enjoyed the evaluations. You guys rock. I was so pleased with the club. Keep up the good work.
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4 thoughts on “Germany

  1. What a wonderful blog, Jasandra. The posts are so interesting; I’m binge reading this morning.

  2. You took me on a trip down memory lane with this blogpost. I loved Wiesbaden and it has really become my hometown as I lived there about 23 years and that is much longer than I lived anywhere else in my life. I are up a Navy brat, then married an Army officer.

    1. Glad you liked it. I still consider Wiesbaden home and I was only there eight years. I’ve been back twice this year so far and am heading back there after I leave South Africa which is where I am now. Glad to lead you down memory lane.

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