A Boundary Jumping Moment
A Boundary Jumping Moment

Welcome to Living Outside the Boundaries. My name is Jasandra. I began a “12 Month/12 Country” journey shortly after resigning from a 31 year teaching career. By the time I resigned I had traveled to nearly 60 countries, mostly solo.  While working, I rarely had time or the energy to update friends and family of my travels.  On this new adventure, with time on my hands, I began sending monthly newsletters.  The newsletters have evolved into this blog.

As I travel I speak to people who are intrigued by my travels. The majority are curious and want to know how I could afford to quit my job at such a young age (yeah I’m smiling as I type the word young), leave everything behind and travel solo for twelve months (update: currently 2 years 1 month). I answer these and other questions in the blog posts. People have shared their desire to take a similar trip. I meet kindred spirits who want to travel or make significant life changes but they feel stuck. I was in that exact same spot. I decided a blog would be a great place to share my musings about travel, living a minimalist lifestyle, financial independence and maybe start a dialogue about travel and life changes. This could be the place where we help each other to move beyond boundaries and live a more fulfilling life. I can assure you I have jumped across a few boundaries!

My Mission

My mission is simple, to create content that is relevant. I want to encourage those who are ready to embark on their unique travel journey by letting you know with planning and preparation all things are possible. This is not really a travel blog, however, I am sure I can answer a few questions about travel. Maybe you can give me some travel/life tips as well.

I invite you to join me on this new journey that will take me around the world. Hey, why are you guys packing your suitcases?  I meant you should join me virtually!  I can’t take all of you with me!  Get outta here!